Buckthorn and Turkey

Well, we are back out to the buckthorn site today.  We skipped yesterday due to the rain.  When we were out there the last time on Tuesday, the weather was perfect and their were Turkeys all over the place.  This particular site has been very popular with the Turkeys since we started working there about four years ago.  The owner does some feeding.  She feeds the songbirds, squirrels and turkeys.  I can’t seem to get used to having these big beautiful turkeys so close to us while we work.  Heck, when I was young, you never, ever saw turkeys anywhere.  I went to college in Stevens Point and I remember it being a big deal that you could see turkey and sandhill cranes at the Mead wildlife area.  Now both of these animals have made such a comeback that it is becoming commonplace to see turkeys crossing the road like deer and to see those tall majestic cranes standing in the middle of a farm field.  While we were on the job I took some quick videos.  Check it out.


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